Carbon Pallet

Why Carbon Palett ?

The reason why it is called carbon pallet is that the flat or wide plates used in industries are made with graphite, a type of carbon. The reason why graphite is used in the carbon pallet is to turn the graphite into oil and to prevent or reduce the wear of the working parts in the machines while they are rubbing against each other. they try to stop, but they cannot stop and they start to slide. The lubricating feature of graphite is due to this.

Usage areas

The use of the Carbon Pallet is almost most oil-requiring machinery, but the main and most common uses of the Carbon Pallet are exhaust pumps, fuel and fuel transfer pumps, packaging machinery, milking and other vacuum-requiring machinery, medical applications. Among these, Carbon Pallet is mostly used in milking machines. Milking machines transmit the oil taken from the oil pump to the engine and the impellers. After the transmission, the machine starts to work and when the indicator of the machine reaches the colored dot, vacuuming is activated for you to start milking. If it does not come to the colored point by itself, you can bring it to the colored point by making the necessary adjustments from the lower right adjustment point of the machine. If you make the necessary settings and still does not come, the product may be defective. If there is a problem with the Carbon Pallet, the machine has difficulty in vacuuming and starts to work loudly. If you do not want to encounter such situations, do not forget to regularly change the Carbon Pallet or have your carbon pump maintenance. If you decide to repair it yourself, it is not so difficult to reach the carbon pallet. Even if you are not a company or wholesale buyer, you can easily find and buy from large carbon companies or online. After you buy it yourself, you can change it by looking at the booklet or watching the videos. You don’t need to pour oil between the carbon pallets after changing, it will produce oil as it works.

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