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Instant Fast Sectoral Solutions for Your Needs with Our Best Karbon Quality Products

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With the Continuous Support of Our Expert Team, Satisfaction Guarantee is at Best Karbon!

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Work with Best Karbon, the Pioneer of the Sector, Which Has Made Productions for Hundreds of Institutions and Organizations with Years of Experience

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Activity Areas

Slip Ring - Communication Bracelet

Company structure that offers solution-oriented and beneficial ideas until the final design in our slip ring communication bracelet works

Brush Holders

We are here to offer you your dream when it comes to brush holders. We consider all the conditions of change and plan accordingly.

Carbon Brush

Quality production carbon brush and affordable carbon brush prices are always with you. Your success is our success.

DC Motor
Coal - Dewalt Coal

Quality Dc Motor Coal and Dewalt Coal are at Best Carbon. Here we talk about ideas, we serve you with the right effort and support.

Engine Coal

Work and Relax with Best Carbon, which is a sector among motor coal manufacturers. Best quality engine coal prices

12 – 24V
Spark Plug Clutch

We introduce you to solutions that will make you different and superior to your competitors. We produce tailor-made solutions for you by focusing on a broad market strategy.

Electric Motor Coal - Forklift Coal

As a manufacturer of electric motor coal and forklift coal, we carefully respond to your demands.

Pumps and Compressors
for Elements

Follow us for your dreams, we know the way.

Charcoal Printing

Successful people believe in luck but don’t leave it to chance! Remember that a job well done is better than a job well said!



  • Slip Ring Contact Bracelet

    Slip Ring Contact Bracelet Manufacturer Best Karbon We are trying to keep our slip ring communication bracelets production at reasonable nominal prices and to serve you, our valued customers, without compromising our production quality in terms of slip ring price, along with all our productions. In rotating moving systems – conveyors – crane pick-up drums

    August 31, 2022
  • Carbon Brush Producer

    Carbon Brush Manufacturing Best Carbon provides quality service on the manufacture of brushes, which are the intermediate connection elements for the tension of rotor runouts, which are used in DC motors especially in the moving part of the motor. In the production of carbon brushes, which will be carried out with quality materials, the company

    August 31, 2022
  • Brush Holder Insulation Shafts

    Our standard types of brush holder insulated shafts are molded from polyester reinforced glass fiber material at high temperature and are a very good insulator and high strength material. We manufacture products that withstand 150° and also 240°. Quick Contact, Call Now 0216 505 68 87   KOD D L2 L1 L U 9001 10

    August 31, 2022
  • Carbon Coal Brush

    Brushes and slip rings must be able to pass high currents at high ambient speed. This requires excellent mechanical conditions. Brush holders and well thought out constructions are also very important . Even the best brush holder fails if it is unusable. For this reason, it should be checked whether the holder-brush relationship is appropriate,

    August 31, 2022