What is the Purpose of Carbon Brush Use?

What is the purpose of use of carbon brush, which is a product used especially in electric motors and which is highly curious? Carbon brush, which is used especially to ensure that the current in the collector is disabled from the collector through friction, is used in electric motors and has a great importance in terms of the lifetime of the motors. There are some important points to consider when choosing carbon brush, and first of all, a good and quality company should be chosen in order to get the most efficient result. The price difference in carbon brushes, which generally have affordable prices, varies according to the type and content of the carbon brush you choose.

What is Carbon Brush?

Carbon brush, which is an important element of the motor part, is also known as motor brushes. These brushes are produced as a mixture of carbon or copper carbon. Carbon brushes, which are one of the basic parts of electric motors, are also called AC or DC carbon brush according to the motor name they are used in. The quality groups of coal brushes, which are divided into groups with different qualities, are:

Electro Graphite
Metal Graphite
Resinous Graphite
Carbon Graphite

Changing Carbons

There are points to be considered during the replacement of carbons and operations are carried out according to a certain order.

  • The bracelet faces are polished with sandpaper that has not been used yet. Cleaning of coal and nests between lamellas is provided with the help of compressed air.
  • The edges of the lamellas are sharpened or the micas between the lamellas should be flattened on the lathe.
  • There should not be any gaps or run-outs in the machine beds, there should be no ovality in the collector, if the surface needs complete maintenance, it should be done with the right device.
  • The machine should not be lifted from its place and should be rotated in its own bearings at normal speed and temperature.
  • The bars carrying the coal slots to the lamellas and the machine axis must be parallel
  • Carbon brushes must be adjusted

There are some malfunctions that may occur during the change of coal. These;

  • Shortening and breaking of coals
  • Reduction of spring pressure as a result of shortening of coals
  • Short circuit between the coal bed and the body
  • Changing the position of the coals due to the loosening of the clamping screw in the coal bed

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