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We are trying to keep our slip ring communication bracelets production at reasonable nominal prices and to serve you, our valued customers, without compromising our production quality in terms of slip ring price, along with all our productions.

In rotating moving systems – conveyors – crane pick-up drums – asynchronous motors in alternators – As Best Carbon, machine manufacturers and system manufacturers find the importance of time scale valuable, and they are open to the possibility of adaptation (coupling) to all kinds of technology by constantly renewing their ring rings and accessories (brush holders, coals, insulating shafts). and it has.

The dimensions given in the table are standard, and besides the table, countless special sizes are included in our production. The dimensions in the table are bolted and also lamella-cable outlet (fileksibil)-steel bush with wedge opening etc. We manufacture all kinds of slip ring communication rings from Ø 32 mm to Ø 400 mm.

Slip Ring Prices

We keep slip ring contact bracelet prices up to date and at reasonable prices. Although our expert team is one of the leading manufacturers in the sector, they successfully keep our price and quality production balance in our productions. As Best Carbon, we can easily promise that we will always maintain our slip ring price and quality balance. 🙂

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2-Using suitable materials with minimum friction loss at electrical nominal values ​​is among the priority programs of our company as Best Carbon. We believe that it is this feature that brings us together with you. In our production, slip ring price bronze ring bracelets are fixed with silver welding (40% silver) to the electrically connected screw tip or copper plate, and CTP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) as a filling material in special molds of every size, a material with excellent insulating strength, is pressed at He 150 ° C. .

3- Regarding the Assembly of the Slip Ring Communication Ring Set: After the ring is machined (turned) in accordance with the diameter of the shaft to which it will be attached, the secretion of the slices must be removed. Also, the bronze slices that add to the friction should be as smooth as possible. In addition, a good electrical flow is ensured by using the appropriate brush and brush holder (portbale). The nuts on the screw ends to which the cable is connected should not be tightened on the insulating material surface. Slip ring price is kept at nominal values. Nuts should be 2 mm above the surface and be countered to each other.

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Slip ring Turkey-based communication bracelets are the most frequently used electrical and energy transmission communication bracelets with the emergence of modern technology. There are many types of these communication bracelets that provide energy transmission in rotating, that is, moving areas, and there are areas where they are frequently used depending on these types.

Slip ring types;

  • Capsule slip ring
  • Shaft plug-in slip ring
  • Mercury slip ring
  • Pancake slip ring
  • Wireless slip ring

It can be sorted according to frequent use. Recently, slip ring communication bracelets are generally used in drones used for wide-angle and aerial shooting and in robots that are becoming widespread. The first reason why it has become quite widespread is that technology and every machine used in this direction are developed at the same rate.

The parts of the market machines, which are the product of modern technology, must be the product of flawless and modern technology in this direction. For this reason, the slip ring communication ring has become one of the indispensable parts in order for the parts and mechanisms used to perform their required duties adequately.

Our company, which is the leader among slip ring manufacturers in our country, is at your service with its experience and sales policy for more than years. Each slip ring contact ring we produce provides the energy to the rotating moving area from the main stream equally and in the required amount, ensuring that the machines used to perform their function smoothly. Therefore, you can choose our company with confidence.



When the slip ring is considered based on Istanbul, although there are energy supply mechanisms that are produced quite frequently, finding a quality slip ring is one of the most important issues in this direction. It is very important that you do extensive research in order to obtain affordable and quality slip rings. Our company carries out its sales in a safe way by advancing in quality.

All slip ring contact bracelet types and other mechanisms that we offer for sale after production are tested and guaranteed. You can order the slip ring type you want at any time, or you can contact us at the relevant phone numbers for detailed information.

What is slip ring communication bracelet, where is it used?

The slip ring communication ring, which provides data and electricity transmission in every rotating, that is, moving system, is actively used in many points that you can think of. The main usage areas of slip ring communication bracelet are;

  • conveyors
  • Crane collection drums
  • asynchronous motors
  • alternators

It can be sorted as In addition, slip ring communication collars are frequently used in drones, cameras and vacuum cleaners. Slip ring communication ring Slip ring is known as current collector, communication collar, brush holder ring system, communication-ring, rotating electrical connectors, swivel, rotating joint or rotating electrical joints, but it is generally known as slip ring communication collar.

slipring iletişim bileziği fiyat
Slip Ring Contact Bracelet


With the developing industry and technology, many types of modern communication bracelets have emerged. These;

  • Capsule
  • through bore
  • Mercury
  • Pancake slip ring
  • Wireless slip ring

It appears as.

CAPSULE SLIP RING: They are slip rings with a compact design and are generally used in cameras, drones and robots. Due to their economical price, de capsule slip ring communication bracelet is used in many different projects.

THROUGH BORE SLIP RING: Also known as hallow shaft, these slip ring models can be used in all devices that require data transfer. Due to the shaft cavity they have, they can be assembled in a very short time.

MERCURY SLIP RING: Unlike other slip ring types, this type of communication is made with mercury. Its use due to mercury freezing is limited to about -39°C. Another feature of this type is that it has a longer lifespan than other types. Mercury slip rings have a life of 1.5-2 billion rotations.

PANCAKE SLIP RING: Pancake literally has a very thin structure when compared to other slip rings. But its working life is much less than others. As the thickness decreases, their lifespan also decreases at the same rate.


WIRELESS SLIP RING: There are no brushes or bracelets in this slip ring type. Power and data are transmitted wirelessly through the magnetic field created by the coils and the fixed transmitter.

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