Hilti Coal

What is Hilti Coal?

Hand tools are the chief assistant of people in many sectors. They help you to handle your work more easily by reducing the labor force and the effort spent. It is a kind of piercing tool that is used to easily break and drill the hilt, which is one of these hand tools. It is also branded; It is widely used in the building and construction industry.

Hilti is also called a hammer drill. Hilti carbons enable impact drills to perform their intended action. In other words, by saying on the rotor motor of the machine; It provides the transmission of the energy required for the movement of the machine. Hilti charcoal, which has a graphite structure, is slippery to prevent abrasion. However, due to its carbon structure, it can be eroded and reduced over time. This will affect the performance of your machine. For this reason, it needs to be renewed.

What Does Hilti Charcoal Do?

About hand tools charcoal with Hilti charcoal we can say that it is a vital part of many power tools. Hand tools coal is used in many tools such as drills, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, blenders. Previously, copper wires were used in hand tools for energy conductivity in the engine. But later it was concluded that the conductivity and performance efficiency of graphite is higher. And so hilti coals began to be used. It also helps to ensure the conductivity of the motion energy inside the engine. In this way, you will get high and long-lasting performance from the household appliances you are using. If you are observing a malfunction in the working order of your hilt, there may be a problem with the charcoal. It is possible to remove the screws and look at the coal beds, which are generally located at the back of the hilt. You can easily see if Hilti coals are broken, finished or decreased. If you cannot reach this part, you may need the help of an expert.

In Which Fields Is Hilti Coal Used?

Hilti coal is also called carbon brush among the people. And the usage areas are very wide. Although it is mostly used in small household appliance motors; It also gives successful results in large and even industrial tools. It is widely used in ring motors, direct current motors, alternating current motors. In addition, hilti coals are found in jigsaws used in the furniture industry.

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