Dewalt Coal

It has a usage time of about one hundred and fifty hours. With the roasted drill bit, these coals can wear out quickly. As a result of wear, coal loses its volume. Even with the use of blunt blades, dewalt engine coal can wear out very quickly. In the use of this, as a result of the pressure on the tool, as a result of the weight and pressure, the coals and brushes in the engine lose their function.

The engine running the Dewalt coal wears out very quickly when used too heavily and under pressure. This causes your machine to break down quickly. In case of checking these coal brushes and exceeding the usual time, the engine coal will burn. The machine becomes dysfunctional as a result of the burning of the coal.

Where to Find the Varieties

You can usually find it comfortable at major building materials stores. For example; You can easily find places such as Koçtaş, Tekzen, Koçtaş fix, industrial zones, etc. You can easily find its types, charcoal brush tips, drill charcoal types. We recommend that you buy it from major building materials stores. There are many varieties and you can easily order your missing materials.

How to Replace Dewalt Drill Coal

In order to reach the motor coal, we open the drill with the help of a screwdriver from the 9 hidden screw points. The engine compartment in the drill is opened. It allows us to change the coal inside the engine. There are two pieces of coal in the drill. When the coal is completely worn out, the drill will not work at all. There are coal stone cables attached to the coal. When you measure them, you will understand whether the coal is finished and how much time is left. While removing the motor coal, we remove the cables connected from the side from the coal treasury. Then the charcoal chamber comes out. You are placing your new coal chamber. Then we connect the cables connected to the coal to the engine coal. The engine charcoal is completely changed. You can find practical videos of this on YouTube. If you wish, you can change our engine coal yourself before taking it to the service. You can also find this coal in markets selling building materials. It will probably take you half an hour to replace these motor brushes, or an hour if you have no experience. Of course, it would be better to contact the authorized service.

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