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As an element of engine parts, we come across engine coal. These coals, which are produced by carbon brush producers Istanbul, have a great role on the engine. Electric motors consist of different types such as AC and DC. There are two parts on the motors as rotor and stator. It helps to create the constant magnetic field that exists in stator motors. Rotor refers to the moving part of the engine. These motor coals, or brush motors, which are manufactured by carbon brush producers Istanbul, appear in many electronic household appliances that we use in our homes. These coals provide electricity transmission to the part called rotor, which is used in many areas from washing machines to vacuum cleaners.

Carbon brush producers Istanbul by;

  • Electro graphite
  • Graphite
  • Metal graphite
  • Carbon graphite
  • Resinous graphite

Carbon Brush Producer

Different engine coals are manufactured. We are proud of being the leading company among the carbon brush producers Istanbul, which is an indispensable part of electric motors. With the different product alternatives we have prepared, we offer you the spare parts required for all kinds of electric motors. Although we offer different options, unlike other companies, we produce with high quality and reasonable prices. You can obtain motor coal from our company for the smooth operation of the machines and the elimination of the malfunctions. In addition, we recommend periodic maintenance on machine spare parts in order not to stop the work of electrical tools and to prevent disruptions in the system.

As motor coal producers, we help the current to become passive by friction over the collector. In addition to carbon, we also prepare products with a mixture of carbon and copper. However, you should consider the type of engine when choosing these products. Thanks to these motors, which perform the functions of electric motors, we manufacture quality and durable materials. These parts on the electric motor armature can be checked again from this area and if they are worn, they can be replaced without malfunction. You can obtain these engines, or companies with their other names, from our company, which have important and great tasks to use.

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