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1- In rotating systems – in conveyors – in crane collection drums – in alternators in asynchronous motors – As Best Karbon, we are bringing to the possibility of all kinds of technological adaptation (coupling) by constantly renewing the Ring Bracelet and parts (brush holders, coal-isoforms) by finding the importance of machine manufacturers and system manufacturers in time dimension. Measurements given in the chart are standard, they are included in our production in numerous special measures except for the table. The measurements in the table are with bolt, and also coping-cable outlet (flexible) – steel bushing wedge angle etc. from Ø 32 mm to Ø 400 mm, we manufacture all kinds of Sliprings.

2- Using the appropriate material at the minimum loss level with friction at electrical nominal values is our company’s priority programs as Best Karbon. We believe that bringing us together with you is our this feature. In our manufacturing, bronze rings are fixed with a silver thread (40% silver) to the screwed end or copper sheet bar with electrical connection and a material with excellent insulating strength of CTP (glass fiber reinforced polyester) is pressed at He 150 ° C as filler material for each dimension.

3- About installation of the Ring Assembly: The excreta of the segments must be taken after the ring is processed to match the diameter of the shaft to which it is connected (turned). Also, the bronze segments that are subject to friction must be as smooth as possible. In addition, a good electrical flow is achieved by using the appropriate brush and brush holder (portable). Nuts in the screwed ends where the cable connection is made should not be tightened to the surface of the insulating material. Bolts should be 2 mm above the surface and should be locked together.

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