Elements for Pumps and Compressors

Carbon materials are generally used as shaft bearings and sealing elements in pumps.

Shut-off valves, body parts and rotors made of carbon and graphite materials are suitable for use in dry-running compressors and vacuum pumps.

In friction systems, dry running characteristic of graphite makes it possible to work with the highest efficiency against different materials.

Machines used for compressing or vacuuming gases compose of various components made of carbon materials. As a dynamic sealing element, use of carbon materials continues in a conventional manner and is present in many applications in today’s technology.

Pumps with integrated bearing and seal systems, which have been reduced in size and integrated into the carbon shell are included in newly developed applications.

Shaft bearing of rotary compressor, screw compressor, scraper compressor, radial compressors etc., mechanical seal and sealing rings.

Usage Areas: Printing machines, package-packaging machines, clean air supply systems, silo tools, central lock pumps in automotive and medical equipment.